Black Slate Z Stone

  • Black Slate is the most popular stone in the Z Stone range
  • It has a beautiful dark riven textured effect, and is highly sought after
  • Black Slate Z Stone can be used in both traditional and contemporary designs
  • This Z Stone is popular for whole house cladding, feature walls, boundary and retaining walls
  • It is quick and easy to install
  • It is non-rusting

Product Detail

Craigavon Area Hospital Black Slate Z Stone

Upgrade of Craigavon Area Hospital

Part of a larger refurbishment of Craigavon Hospital in 2014. Z Stone was chosen by the architect to add warmth and soften the exterior of the building and to help make it more welcoming to patients. …

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Colour Black Slate
Format Regular/Sky Panel
1 BOX CONTAINS Sold per m2
x2 Panels 600mm x 220mm
x2 Panels 325mm x 220mm
90 degree external corner (*Sold seperately) 400mm x 200mm x 220mm (H)
Regular Panel.jpg

Regular Panel

The Regular Panel format allows every piece for be butted together to form an interior corner if required.

Sky Panel.jpg

Sky Panel

The Sky Panel format allows every piece to be butted together to form an interior corner if required. It also has an in-built clip for added fixing security. NB - The Sky Panel must be used on heights above 3 metres of more. 

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