Z Stone Fitting Instructions

  • Z Stone will not require a foundation, as it is a self-supporting unit
  • Always begin by quantifying the area. We recommend measuring out the area for regular panel (below 3m) and Sky panel (above 3m).  Work out the quantity of square metres you require by multiplying the width by the height (add 10% for wastage) and remove the areas for windows and door openings
  • You can order your corner pieces by linear metre
  • Note that one 15kg bag of adhesive will cover 2-3 m² of panel
  • It is best to apply Z Stone to a concrete block wall free from any coatings e.g. gypsum, paint, loose plaster. The substrate must be deemed sound to support the weight of 85 kg per m²
  • In situations where the substrate is not strong enough to hold the weight of Z Stone (85 kg per m2), you can clad the Z stone onto a high density backing board (please refer to the LBS technical team for further information)
  • Always start by measuring the height of the wall and ensuring you finish with a full panel at the top (each panel is 220mm high). This will mean leaving space for the cut first course.  It is good practice to mark this out with a chalk perp-line, and nail a timber batten into this space to begin cladding above it.  You can come back to the first course at the end of the job
  • Before you start, ensure the wall is cleaned and level
  • Mix the Z Stone adhesive and generously apply with a notched trowel to cover both the back of the panel and the surface on which the panel is being applied. We recommend a minimum coat of 5mm full application on both surfaces
  • If the wall has any external corners, it is important to start here, and work into regular panel. The Z shaped format on the panels allows one panel to fit seamlessly into the next, creating a stunning natural stone façade
  • Always tap the panel into the wall using a rubber mallet to ensure a firm bond between the panel and the wall, and displace any trapped air pockets. There is no need to put any adhesive into the joints, as this is a dry joint product
  • Z Stone comes in 3 different sized panels, and it is recommended to alternate between these sizes in a staggered bond pattern, to eliminate the jointing lines
  • It is good practice to biff off any excess mortar visible on the edges with a mini grinder prior to installation
  • In situations when there are window and door reveals, the blockwork should be recessed by 50mm and Z Stone Corner pieces should be used. The recess allows the corners to return and not obstruct window or door openings
  • Typical return details for window and door reveals include: returning Z Stone cornerstones / plaster bands / plaster inside reveal / cut slate piece reveal / aluminium flashing
  • As stated earlier, we recommend using Sky panel on all panel fitted above 3 metres in height. Sky panel includes stainless steel clips which need to be drilled into the wall and provide a secondary fixing as an addition to the adhesive
  • Finish by removing the timber lath and installing the cut first course
  • Hose down and clean the wall, ensuring it is clean and free from mortar
A step-by-step guide on how to fit Z Stone wall cladding

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