Forest Marble Honed Contemporary

  • Forest Marble Honed is a stunning veined dark marble
  • Made from the same material as the Riven panel the smooth finish on the Forest Marble Honed panel gives a completely different look and feel
  • It is an ideal alternative to tiles
  • With a smooth finish this particular option is a great choice for kitchen and bathrooms
  • Forest Marble Honed is extremely lightweight
  • This product also comes with long and short corner pieces
  • Quick and easy to install

Product Detail

Colour Forest Marble (Riven)
Format Contemporary (20mm)
x7 Panels 600mm x 150mm
Long Corner (sold separately) 600mm x 150mm
Short Corner (sold separately) 300mm x 150mm
Z Stone Contemp Format


Contemporary Z Stone Forest Marble Honed.  A 20mm thick rectangular panel.  (Sold per square metre) .