Z Stone® Wall Cladding


Z Stone is an innovative natural stone cladding system available exclusively from LBS. It consists of Z-shaped panels that simply slot together to create a natural stone wall effect. 

  • Z Stone is quick and easy to install
  • Extremely cost-effective compared to traditional stone masonry
  • Minimal wastage. No mess, no fuss
  • Available in a wide range of natural stone finishes
  • Suitable for both interior and exterior application

Expanding Foam Tape 20 / 6-15mm

Width /Gap Size 20mm / 6-15mm (600pa Weather Seal)
Roll Length 4.3 metres max expansion / 36mm

Expanding Foam Tape is a pre-compressed PU foam tape which has a polymeric dispersion. It is used for joint sealing to create weather seals (600pa protection from wind driven rain) and improve airtightness as well as acoustic performance.

Where reveal detail is required at windows and door opening (during Z Stone fitting) all block work must be recessed by a minimum of 50mm, to allow for the return of Z Stone back into the frames. Always check prior to fitting, so as the window and door openings will not be obstructed.

This tape will neatly close off any remaining gaps to give a neat and weatherproof finish. Z Stone may not be returned on the underside of a window or door head. To achieve a finish here, use special width Keystone Lintel, or alternatively finish with a slate reveal unit or rubbed-up plaster detail.



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