La Hebra Slate

  • La Hebra is an attractive dark slate with a strong longitudinal grain and subtle riven texture
  • Quarried in the Castille de Leon area of North West Spain
  • Durable and resistant to weather extremes
  • Minimal grading required
  • La Hebra slates achieve the highest possible classification under the European standard BS EN 12326-1:2014
  • W1, S1 and T1 certified
  • Covered by comprehensive quarry backed guarantees
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Size Options

Price available on enquiry

Slate Colour and Finish Blue/Black
Available in Sizes 50x25, 40x25 & Others on request
Available in Grades Prime
Nominal Thickness 5mm
Minimum Pitch 22.5 deg for standard 100mm h/lap (for pitches below 22.5 deg please contact LBS Technical Dept)
Maximum Headlap All LBS slates are holed for 100mm head-lap
Alternative Headlaps For availability and advice please contact LBS
Gauge 200mm for slate pre-holed for 100mm head-lap
Batten Size Please refer to BS 5534 or SR 82:2017
Nails Copper, Aluminum or Silicon Bronze
Slate Dimensions 500x250mm N/A N/A
Weight per sqm Laid (kg) 5|7mm 38 | 44.8 - -
Slates per sqm at 100mm h/lap 20 - -