Roof Ventilation

Inline Vent PVC

PVC Inline Vent Tile

Inline Vent Tile

The most popular option for high level ventilation on a roof LBS stock a range of Inline Vent Tiles to suit all sizes and types of natural slate, and also to suit the Snowdon Clay Slate.  Once fitted the Inline vent is virtually invisible on the roof.  

Available to slate sizes 50x25, 50x30 and 60x30cm
Available for Snowdon Available to suit

Heat Recovery Vent

Heat Recovery Vent

Heat Recovery Vent Tile

New to the LBS range we now offer a Heat recovery Vent that is ideal for those looking to build Green Carbon Neutral Homes.  Available for both the Snowdon and Slate products. 

Inline Natural Slate Vent

Natural Slate Vent

Natural Slate Vent

The Natural Slate Vent is an option for those who want a natural ventilation product or particularly on Heritage or Restoration builds where the requirement for matching is slightly different.  

LBS can manufacture most slate vents to match the slate being fitted to the roof.  For more information please contact LBS . 

Available in sizes 50x25, 50x30, 60x30cm
Slate Type Available to suit most slate types

Eave Support Tray

Eaves Support Tray

Eaves Support Tray / Eaves Carrier Tray

An essential component of the roof an Eaves Carrier Tray supports the felt or membrane at the eave of the roof and prevents it from sagging into the gutter and drawing up water in behind the fascia.  

Colour Black
Length 1500mm

Rafter Roll

G500 Roll Panel Ventilator

Rafter Roll

The purpose of rafter roll is to keep loft insulation in its place and maintain a clear path for ventilation from the eaves into the roof space.  Rafter roll is supplied in 6m lengths. 

Length Available in 6m lengths
Colour Black
Suitable for Airflow 10-25 mmsq/m
Dimensions 600(l)x400mm(w)

Eaves Ventilation Strip

G2500N Over Fascia Ventilator

Eaves Ventilator Strip

Available in both 10 or 25mm options Eave Ventilation Strip provides essential airflow to a roof from the eave. allowing air to travel up the length of the rafter. 

Available in: 10mm and 25mm

Dry Ridge Roll

Dry Ridge Roll

Dry Ridge Roll

A component part of the dry ridge system Dry Ridge Roll sits under the ridge tile, and provides airflow in conjunction with the Ridge Gasket system of mechanical fixing.  The Dry Ridge Roll is available in both standard and copper versions. 

Dry Ventilated Ridge Roll Standard 6m Length
- -
Dry Ventilated Ridge Roll Copper 5m Length

Non-Ventilated Hip Roll

Un-Ventilated Hip Roll

Non-Ventilated Ridge Roll

The unventilated roll seals the exposed and cut ends of the tiles and prevents water and insect ingress.  To be used in conjunction with the hip support tray when using Snowdon (not required for natural slate). For use with and hip ridge. 

Non- Ventilated Ridge Roll (Red) 6 metre lengths

Dry Ridge Gaskets and Nails

Dry Ridge Gasket and Screw

Dry ridge Gaskets (pack of 6)

Designed to work in conjunction with the Dry Ventilated Ridge Roll jointers are sold in packs of 6. They are flexible enough to be used with most ridge profiles and can also be used with concrete ornamental ridges if given notice prior to manufacture . 


Suitable for most angles -
Available as Pack of 6

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