Roof Membranes

Proctor's Roofshield® Breathable Membrane

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Proctor's Roofshield®

Roofshield is a unique, three-layer, nonwoven, spunbonded, polypropylene breather membrane with a patented melt-blown core. Roofshield provides a secondary barrier to the ingress of rain, wind and snow. It has a low vapour resistance and is air-permeable; additionally, it provides a cost-effective solution to eliminating the incidence of interstitial condensation in pitched roofs.

LBS Pro-Guard Breathable Membrane

LBS Proguard

LBS Pro-Guard Breathable Membrane

Available in a range of thicknesses LBS Pro-Guard is a great alternative for those wanting to use a lighter membrane.  All our membranes are fully certified. 

Permo Forte Breathable Membrane

Permo Forte Membrane

Permo Forte Breathable Membrane

Available from LBS in a 165gsm 75sqm roll the Permo Forte Breathable Membrane is regarded as one of the best on the market.  This is one of the heaviest GSM membranes that we stock. 

LBS Amourbase Stick

Armourbase Stick

LBS Armourbase Stick

Similar to GraceIce this product is designed for sarking low pitch or vunerable roofs that are susceptible or at rish of water intake.  Where no other option exists to address this Armourbase stick will provide a watertight covering that will prevent any ingress of water.