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3rd December 2018

Protecting roofs in Winter Weather

Top Tips to ensure roofs are prepared for the few months ahead When the 'Beast from the East' brought weeks of snow in February and March this year, it gave an icy reminder of the devastating effect that strong winds and snow can have on UK homes. As well as rock…

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5th November 2018

Roof Specification Risks

High Risk Areas To Be Considered Getting the specification right on any roofing project is of paramount importance. If it is not absolutely right at the start, then the responsibility for the required remediation work falls to the pe…

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1st October 2018

Low Pitch Roof Solutions

Technical Tips When it comes to roofing, some of the most frequent online searches we see are about installing tiles at low pitches and the minimum pitches for different roof tiles or slates. This corresponds with …

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19th September 2018

Exterior Stone Cladding

MATCHING STONE CLADDING¬†IN EXTERIOR HOME DESIGN There are a lot of factors to consider when using stone cladding on the exterior of your home to ensure a look that adds to the overall design and land…

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30th July 2018

Recent home builds - Natural Roofing Slate

Roofing Slate Sometimes it makes all the difference to see a roof complete with our product so it will give you an idea of how great it can look!¬† Wow - See below a new build house based just outside Banbridge, Co…

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