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1st November 2017

Avoid Poor Quality Spanish Slate

Knowledge is power – avoid buying poor quality Spanish Slate! In recent years, there has been a worrying influx of inferior quality slate into the UK and Ireland. Quite a few high profile cases hav…

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1st April 2017

Roof Restoration, St John’s College Waterford

A NEW HOPE FOR ST JOHN’S COLLEGE Built in what is largely considered the ‘Gothic Revival’ style, St John’s College was constructed around 1870 and was one of many Churches and Institutions around the…

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30th March 2017

LBS Purvis Block Walling System

LBS Purvis Block Walling System Purvis Block Walling System is a reconstituted wall black system for both the professional and self-build market.  Available in a selection of colours Purvis…

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1st November 2016

Roof Restoration, Bangor Blue Slate, Kilmainham Gaol Dublin

THE RE-SLATING OF EAST WING, BANGOR BLUE SLATE Now a national museum managed by the Office of Public Works, Kilmainham Gaol welcomes around 300k visitors annually.  Although quite an austere and util…

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9th September 2016


Standing in the centre of Castlewellan Co Down, the old market house (now Castlewellan Library) has had many uses over the years. It has been a sales venue, a ballroom, a gaol, a court and a…

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