Quartz Z Stone

Full of interest and colour the Quartz Panel is a great choice for the exterior of a building but yet warm and subtle enough to use inside the house to create a stunning feature. 

Architects favour the flexibility and richness of this particular stone.  It can be used for both traditional and more modern schemes.  Its blend of warm tones add instant character and charm to any scheme.  It is also ideally suited for the modernising of existing homes and enhances the existing build without being overwhelming or clashing with it.

Product Detail

Updating with Quartz Z Stone

Updating of Co Tyrone House with Quartz Z Stone

Quartz was the perfect choice for bringing this mature house right up to date.  The natural warmth of the yellows and golds is in keeping with the mood and design of the house.  This particular panel …

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Colour Quartz
Format Universal Sky
x1 BOX CONTAINS Sold per m2
x2 Panels 547mm x 220mm
x1 Panel 347mm x 220mm
x1 Panel 230mm x 220mm
90 degree external corner (sold seperately) 400mm x230mm x220mm(h)
Sky Panel Format Z Stone

Universal Sky

The Universal Sky panel has a built-in clip for added fixing security. We recommend for using on heights above 3 metres of more.

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