Nordic Stone Z Stone

Light and bright enough to use indoors Nordic Stone is a contemporary mix of pale greys and greens but with warm pink tones that keep it feeling cosy.

The neutral colours of the Nordic panel give a Scandinavian feel to this particular stone panel.  Its bright tones make it perfect for both interior and exterior use. It is cool and contemporary but with just enough warmth to balance the colder tones.  The panel works beautifully on both traditional style builds and those that have a more modern feel.  It works brilliantly when teamed with natural wood cladding. 

Product Detail

Scandanavian Style House Cork Nordic Z Stone

Scandanavian Style in Co Cork

The client on this build in Co Cork wanted to accentuate the natural cedar cladding on the main section of the building.  Nordic provided the perfect accompaniment with its pale greens greys and its w…

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Colour Nordic Stone
Format Regular/Sky Panel
1 BOX CONTAINS Sold per m2
x2 panels 600mm x 220mm
x2 panels 325mm x 220mm
90 degree external corner (*Sold seperately) 400mm x 200mm x 220mm (H)
Regular Panel.jpg

Regular Panel

The Regular Panel format allows every piece for be butted together to form an interior corner if required.

Sky Panel.jpg

Sky Panel

The Sky Panel format allows every piece to be butted together to form an interior corner if required. It also has an in-built clip for added fixing security. NB - The Sky Panel must be used on heights above 3 metres of more.

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