Granite Z Stone

Commonly associated with quality and prestige, Granite Z Stone remains the cornerstone of luxury building and design. 

Ideally suited to more traditional or rural schemes Granite Z Stone can also be teamed with modern clean lines to give a natural but eye-catching finish.  Similar to local granites in its colour and form it remains one of the most timeless stones in the LBS range.  It can be used externally or to add warmth and bring some natural stone detail to a building’s interior.

Product Detail

Granite Z Stone Development Co Tyrone

Granite Z Stone Residential Development Moy

Set in a rural area this project required a natural stone finish that blended in with the surrounding rural landscape.  The soft muted tones of the Granite panel suited the brief perfectly and were re…

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Colour Granite
Format Regular/Sky Panel
1 BOX CONTAINS Sold per m2
x2 Panels 600mm x 220mm
x2 Panels 325mm x 220mm
90 degree external corner (*Sold seperately) 400mm x 200mm x 220mm (H)
Regular Panel.jpg

Regular Panel

The Regular Panel format allows every piece for be butted together to form an interior corner if required.

Sky Panel.jpg

Sky Panel

The Sky Panel format allows every piece to be butted together to form an interior corner if required. It also has an in-built clip for added fixing security. NB - The Sky Panel must be used on heights above 3 metres of more.

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