Blue Diamond Contemporary Thick

Fresh and modern, these thick pieces of steely/blue and ochre tones have been fixed in a staggered design providing a modern finish. Creates a seamless finish and natural stone appearance in extraordinarily quick time. 

This panel has been made from natural slate and stone pieces that have been bonded together with a polymer resin. A lightweight alternative to the standard concrete backed Z Stone panels. We recommend this is not fitted on the inside of a fireplace.

Ideal for cladding interior areas such as kitchens, bathrooms & feature walls.

40 boxes per pallet / 0.54 m2 per box

Product Detail

Colour Blue Diamond (Riven)
Format Contemporary 20mm
6 panels 600mm x 150mm
Long Corner (Sold separately) 600mm x 150mm
Short Corner (Sold separately) 300mm x 150mm

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