Black Slate Contemporary Thick

With all the beauty of natural blue/grey slate the Black Slate Contemporary panel will set off any interior design.   

Smaller and more uniform than the Black Slate Universal Panel it is comprised of smaller uniform pieces of slate bonded with a poly-resin.  At only 20mm thick it can be fitted with minimal skill requirement and is much easier to handle. Ideal for bathrooms feature walls and fireplace detail. 

35 boxes per pallet / 0.54 m2 per box


Product Detail

Colour Black Slate (Thick)
Format Contemporary
x6 panels 600mm x 150mm
Long Corner (sold separately) 600mm x 150mm
Short Corner (sold separately) 300mm x 150mm
Z Stone Contemp Format


Contemporary format uses single size rectangular panels in addition to separate long and short corner pieces, for internal and external corners. Only 20mm thick. (Sold per square metre).

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