Welsh Slate Walling and Cladding

The same qualities that make Welsh Slate an exceptional choice for roofing, make it the perfect choice for walling and cladding also.  Welsh Slate unlike many other available materials is a very consistent material, inert to damaging environmental contaminants, it has a permanent non-fading colour and once on, is virtually maintenance free.  It can be used on its own or together with other more contemporary materials and often makes for the most cost effective choice over the life-span of a building.


Product Detail

Millenium Building Wales

The Millenium Centre, Cardiff, Wales

One of the most prestigious Welsh Slate projects in the recent decade.  Welsh Slate UK supplied the external walling for the Millenium building in Wales.  Designed by Jonathan Adams of Percy Thomas Ar…

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Sizes / Spec Availabilty and price on application
Colour Comparison Penrhyn and Cwt Slate

Penrhyn Bangor Blue or Cwt-y-Bugail

The walling options in the LBS Welsh Slate range are available in a number of colour options, however, the two most popular would be the Penrhyn Bangor Blue with its distinctive 'heather' purple tone and the Cwt with its Blue Grey and Rustic accents.

Penrhyn Pillared Walling

Pillared Finish

Showing the heavily textured or 'pillared face' this option is available in various combinations of sizes on request.  Also available in the Cwt colour option.

Cleaved walling and Cardigan castle

Cleaved Finish

The cleaved option is produced by splitting the slate along the natural cleave or plane - in the same way that the roofing slate is naturally split. The resulting slate has a beautiful and subtle riven texture and bags of character and interest.

Sawn Off Cuts - Cwt

Sawn Finish

The sawn option in the Welsh Slate creates a totally different look and feel to the material giving it a much smoother uniform and contemporary look.  In addition to that in also changes the colour.  In the image above the wall has utilised both sawn pieces and a few cleaved pieces also - in this way a two tone effect are achieved. 

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