Welsh Slate Flooring and Paving

Welsh Slate Flooring and Paving has been used for many hundreds of years across the UK Ireland and beyond.  In many historic places the original Welsh Slate flooring is still in place.  Its hard-wearing non-slip properties, resistance to chemical attack and high compressive and flexural strength make it the ideal choice for foot or heavy traffic.  It is available in both the well known 'heather-blue' colour and in the dark blue-grey Cwt material.  The slate is available in a range of sizes from 30mm to 100mm. 

NOTE - Also now available - fixed quantity 'patio packs' covering 14.8sqm.  A great way to buy Penrhyn paving at an economical price. See spec table for sizes and further info!

Product Detail

The Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art

Welsh Slate Flooring at its best

The austere 'Mill' building was redeveloped and opened as a centre for contemporary art in Gateshead in 2002.  Much of the original building was demolished but the main facades were retained.  Welsh S…

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Density 2836kg/m3
Water Absorption <0.1%
Flexural Strength 76MPa
Slip Resistance - Dry Riven 64 USRV
Slip Resistance - Wet Riven 55 USRV
Coverage 14.8 sqm (at 10mm joint)
400x400x25mm 50 pieces
400x200x25mm 50 pieces
200x190x25mm 50 pieces
All other sizes Available on request ! POA
Colour Comparison Penrhyn and Cwt Slate

Flooring Colour Options

Welsh Slate flooring and paving is available in both Penrhyn 'heather blue' and dark Blue Grey Cwt-y-Bugail options.  It can be supplied in either a riven or honed finish and its natural properties make it extremely hard wearing, slip resistant , and resistant to chemical attack. 

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