All in One Outdoor Cleaner

  • Stontex All in One Cleaner is a fast acting moss, algae and lichen stain remover for sandstone , limestone and other types of stone and concrete
  • This professional, high performance cleaner is made for outdoor surfaces such as natural stone paving, concrete driveways and paths as well as decking and wooden garden furniture
  • This cleaner will penetrate into the material and lift all organic stains out
  • Ideal to use prior to power washing.¬†Once you have power washed the area and your surface is clean and dry then it would always be recommended to seal your material
  • It is a very fast acting cleaner and organic matter will not come back as quickly due to its deep penetrating properties
  • Coverage rate of 30-50sqm per 5 litre drum
Step-by-step guide on how to clean a natural stone patio