Sierra Slate

Sierra natural slate is an exceptional quality slate and one of the very best options available from North West Spain. It is a flat, smooth blue grey slate which is mined (as opposed to open quarried) in deep slate tunnels near to Ourense, Galicia and is a popular seller throughout the UK and Ireland. It is readily available in both 50×25 and 60×30 dimensions.

The Sierra slate is sold, not only in the UK and Ireland, but all over the world and indeed is a market leader in Germany which has some of the strictest quality criteria for natural slates anywhere in the world.

The Sierra Spanish slate is a very consistent natural slate and requires minimal grading, making it a popular choice for roofing contractors, self-builders and architects.  Available in Premium 5mm or Heavy 7mm.

Sierra Slates fully comply with BS 12326-1:2014 (W1, S1, T1), and come with a full quarry backed guarantee. 

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Product Detail

Case Study Sierra

Abbey Alainn Primary Care Centre

This 20,000 square ft Primary Care Centre was delivered as part of the Irish Governments Primary Care Strategy, and was one of a number of subsequent PCCs to be constructed.   Exceptional quality and…

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Slate Colour and Finish Blue/Grey, Very Smooth
Available in Sizes 50x25, 50x30, 60x30
Available in Grades Premium or Heavy
Nominal Thickness 5mm & 7mm
Minimum Pitch 22.5 deg for standard 100mm h/lap (for pitches below 22.5 deg please consult LBS Technical Dept)
Maximum Headlap All LBS slates are holed for 100mm head-lap
Alternative Headlaps For availability and advice please contact LBS
Gauge 200mm for slate pre-holed for 100mm head-lap
Batten Size Please refer to BS 5534 or SR 82:2017
Nails Copper, Aluminium or Silicon Bronze
Slate Dimensions 500x250mm 500x300mm 600x300mm
Weight per sqm Laid (kg) 5|7mm 38|44.8 37.01|45.22 35.91|39.9
Slates per sqm at 100mm h/lap 20 16.6 13.3

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