Reclaimed Slates and Tiles


LBS offer a range of reclaimed and second hand slates including Welsh Slate and old Irish Kilaloo slates, in addition to a wide range of other salvaged slates and ridge tiles.

It is due to the high quality of Welsh slate which allows it to be re-used, after an initial 100 years or so of keeping the rain and weather out the first time around!  But, with any building material so old, it is important to be wary and understand that the performance of a second-hand slate will be completely different to that of a new slate.

'Reclaimed' or 'salvaged slates' can be used on a new home and are a good option for re-slating an old structure or matching in with old slates. 

Some issues to consider if looking at a salvaged slate include:

  • What is the age of the slate? Even with high quality Penryhn slates, they do have a finite lifespan and will not last forever. Eventually, they will cease to perform their primary function of keeping the weather out.... so be careful!
  • Are the slates all from the same building or from various batches in a salvage yard?
  • Have the slates excessive spalling?
  • Have the slates been holed on more than one occasion? Be extremely careful with re-holing

If you are intending to use reclaimed slates on your roof and have any questions such as an alternative method for slate fixing  please do not hesitate to contact us. Our expert technical team will be on hand to answer any specific questions you may have. 

Guide to Using Reclaimed Slate

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