• The Glendyne slate is an excellent quality roofing slate and is quarried in Saint-Marc-du-Lac-Long, Quebec, Canada
  • The quarry was first opened in the beginning of the 20th century by Welsh quarrymen who had migrated to Canada
  • Glendyne slate is a smooth, clean and attractive slate which is blue grey in colour and has a very similar appearance to slates from the Oakley quarry in Ffestiniog, North Wales
  • These slates are famous throughout the world and are popular, not only in their home markets of North America, but also in Australia and throughout Europe where discerning customers appreciate a high-end roofing slate
  • Glendyne slates are available in standard sizes of 20x10 (508 x 254) 20x12 (508 x 305) and 24x12 (610 x 305), come pre-holed to a 4” head-lap and come in one premium grade
  • The Glendyne slates achieve the highest possible classification under the European standard BS EN 12326-1:2014 and are W1, S1 and T1
  • Glendyne slates are covered by a quarry backed 75 year guarantee
  • We offer a CPD Seminar on 'An Introduction to Glendyne Slate' - Book Now!

Note Glendyne slates come in imperial dimensions and not in metric.

Product Detail

Description Pre-holed to a 98mm headlap and available in one premium grade
Tile Size 20x10” (508x254) | 20x12” (508x305) | 24x12” (610x305
Slates per sqm 19.2 | 16.2 | 12.8
Weight per sqm 33.41kg | 33.86kg | 33.82kg
Batten gauge 205mm | 205mm | 256mm
Thickness 5-6mm
Minimum roof pitch (at 118mm head lap) Moderately exposed location: 20º , Severely exposed location: 22.5º
Colour and finish Blue-Grey smooth slate
Batten size 50 x 25mm
Tile nails 35mm Copper Nail

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