Burlington Grey Blue

The Kirkby quarry is the main quarry in the Burlington Group, and it produces a highly attractive blue/grey roofing slate.

Burlington slate is one of the finest natural slate products in the world and these slates cover many of the UK’s most prestigious and recognisable buildings. 

Available in random lengths and widths, the slates can be laid in diminishing courses with the larger slates used at the eaves and the smaller slates as you work up towards the ridge.  This tradition of laying slates in diminishing courses is very traditional and can be seen on many churches and large buildings.

Slates can be supplied in a sized format (fixed lengths with random widths) which helps to retain a traditional random element to the roof design, this helps to speed up the laying process and keeps installation costs down.

For a regular half bond pattern to the roof, slates are available with a fixed length and fixed width.

Kirkby grey-blue roofing slates fully adhere to BS EN 12326 (W1, S1, T1), and have a life expectancy of 150+ years. 




Product Detail

Sizes Available Fixed Dimension and Random Diminishing
Grades Available Best Grade, Strong and Extra Strong
Nominal Thickness (Best Grade) 6-12mm (Smooth)
Nominal Thickness (Strong) 7-15mm (Normal)
Nominal Thickness (Extra Strong) 8-18mm (Textured)

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