Brazilian Rio Graphite

The Brazilian Rio Graphite Slate originates from the beautiful Minas Gerais region of Brazil.  It has a flat, clean surface and subtle natural tone variations that make it unique.  The thickness of our Brazilian Rio Graphite Slate remains extremely consistent- between 5 and 7mm, ensuring that minimal sorting and grading is required.  Available now in prime grade, in sizes 500 x 250mm and 600 x 300mm,  LBS’s Rio Slate is a versatile choice for many roofing projects.

Please be aware that Brazilian Rio Graphite Slate is sedimentary stone meaning that it is much harder and denser than many other types of slate available. . Thus, extra care and attention is required when fixing. LBS recommend that you cut the slates using a disc machine, and employ hook fixing to secure the slates, rather than nail fixing.


Product Detail

Slate Colour and Finish Graphite/Black , Very Smooth
Available in Sizes 50x25, 60x30
Available in Grades One Grade
Nominal Thickness 5-6mm
Minimum Pitch 22.5 deg for standard 100mm h/lap (for pitches below 22.5 deg please consult LBS Technical Dept)
Maximum Headlap All LBS slates are holed for 100mm head-lap
Alternative Headlaps For availability and advice please contact LBS
Gauge 200mm for slate pre-holed for 100mm head-lap
Batten Size Please refer to BS 5534 or SR 82:2017
Hook Fix Only Stainless Steel Hooks
Slate Dimensions 500x250mm 600x300mm -
Weight per sqm Laid (kg) 5-6mm 38 35.91 -
Slates per sqm at 100mm h/lap 20 13.3 -

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