Brazilian Slate

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LBS offer best quality Brazilian slates available on the market and the ONLY Brazilian slates to befully certified!  These slates are quarried in the Minas Gerais region of Brazil, which is an area rich in geology located between Brasilia and Rio de Janeiro.   LBS have worked with Brazilian quarries over a number of years to source the highest quality product, which we can offer in a variety of beautiful green and graphite colours. 

The LBS Brazilian Slates are unusually strong, durable and do not contain damaging iron or quartz content. There are a large number of Brazilian Slates on offer in the market but it is crucial that prospective customers realise that some of the material available is not suitable for roofing slate, and is suitable only for use as flooring tiles.  Our testing has revealed that these can have a high calcium carbonate content, high water absorption properties and many do not pass the traditional acid immersion test.

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