Eminence Clay Tile

Available to order in a wide range of colours, the Eminence is one of the most popular offerings in the Terreal range of traditional type clay tiles.  These tiles are available in both smooth or sand-faced finishes and come in a choice of 8 colours from black through to the more natural terracotta and browns.  They will bring warmth and charm to any building. 

Product Detail

Eminence Clay Tile Roskyle Builders Scotland

Hi Spec Home, Roskyle Developments Scotland

In 2014 LBS supplied this impressive bespoke build in Scotland.  The contractor on the project Roskyle Developments fitted Eminence 'Auteil' Tiles.  The overall effect of using the traditional style a…

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Dimensions 170x270x11mm
Tiles per Square Metre 59-65 per square metre
Minimum Pitch 35 degrees
Colours Available 5 exciting natural Red / Brown tones

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