Shetland® Slate

The Shetland® is a large format, interlocking clay tile.  It’s smooth surface, rectangular format and defined edges give it a beautiful aesthetic on the roof, it will perform in the harsh UK and Irish climate and its colour will be permanent and unfading for decades to come!  Made using an H-cassette the tile has clean sharp interlocks and defined edges.

On top of that, it’s simple and cost effective to install with around 10 tiles required per square metre with no sorting or grading required (this is in contrast to traditional slating which requires 20 tiles per square metre with extensive sorting and grading).

Available in Black, Heather Blue and Slate Grey

Product Detail

Tile Size 469mm x 285mm
Minimum Roof Pitch 22.5 degrees
Minimum Headlap 65mm
Maximum Headlap 100mm
Batten Spacing at Max Gauge 405mm
Batten Spacing at Min Gauge 365mm
Covering Capacity per sqm 10 tiles per sqm at max gauge
Hanging Length 445mm
Nominal Cover Width 250mm
Weight per Tile 3.6kg
Weight of tiling per sqm (approx) 36kg
Leading Edge Depth 8mm
Battens Required per sqm approx Min 2.47, Max 2.71
Batten Size- up to 450mm rafter 50x25mm
Batten Size - up to 600mm rafter 50x37mm nb. special fixing req
Batten Size RoI 45x35mm
Tile Nails 38x3.35mm aluminium nails
Tile and Eave Clips As recommended by LBS technical dept
Accessories Available Dry Verge, Ridge and ventilation

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