• The Sperrin is a Marseille style roof tile 
  • The Sperrin clay tile has been tested to perform at pitches as low as 12.5° (please speak to the LBS technical department for advice on low pitch scenarios)
  • It is available in a range of permanent colours including graphite, red and moss red
  • The Sperrin is covered by a 60 year guarantee
  • The tiles have deep channels making them extremely watertight
  • They are easy to install
Tile size 475mm x 262mm
Colours Available Graphite, Red, Moss Red
Minimum roof pitch 12.5° *Consult LBS technical department
Minimum headlap 75mm
Maximum headlap 120mm
Batten spacing at min. gauge 355mm
Batten spacing at max. gauge 400mm
Covering capacity per m² 11.4 tiles per m² when fitted at 75mm headlap
Hanging length 450mm
Nominal cover width 220mm
Weight per tile 3.15kg
Weight as laid 36.14kg per m² when fitted at 75mm headlap
Quantity per pallet 280
Battens per m² 2.51 linear metres when fitted at 75mm headlap
Batten size 50mm x 25mm
Nail size / type 50mm x 3.35mm aluminium ringshank nails with clout head.
Clips Tile and eaves clips as per LBS technical department.
Accessories available Dry verge, dry ridge and ventilation products