Clay Roof Tiles

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LBS offer a comprehensive range of clay roof tiles that bring warmth and character to any building. 

  • The LBS range of clay roof tiles are available in a wide range of colours, textures and formats
  • In coloured clay tiles, the paint is applied to the tiles and then the tiles are fired in a kiln at over 1,000 degrees, which bakes the colour into the tile and makes it permanent
  • The LBS range of clay tiles can be used for both roofing and cladding applications
  • LBS offer 2 types of clay tiles:
  1. Slate effect tiles (large format interlocking clay tiles)
  2. Plain clay tiles (traditional plain clay tiles which measure 265x165mm)
  • We offer a CPD Seminar on 'Natural Clay as a Roofing Material' - Book Now!