• Quartz Z Stone is a beautiful mix of warm yellow, cream and red
  • Its beautiful blend of rich and warm tones add character to any building
  • Popular in both traditional and contemporary designs
  • Quick and easy to install
  • A great choice for internal projects
  • BBA certified

Product Detail

Updating with Quartz Z Stone

Updating of Co Tyrone House with Quartz Z Stone

Quartz was the perfect choice for bringing this mature house right up to date.  The natural warmth of the yellows and golds is in keeping with the mood and design of the house.  This particular panel …

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Colour Quartz
Format Regular/Sky Panel
x1 BOX CONTAINS Sold per m²
x2 Panels 600mm x 220mm
x1 Panel 400mm x 220mm
x1 Panel 250mm x 220mm
90 degree external corner (*Sold separately) 400mm x 200mm x 220mm (H)
Note - Z Stone is a natural product Allow for +/-5mm tolerance in size
Z Stone regular panel formats and dimensions.png

Regular Panel

The Regular Panel format allows every piece for be butted together to form an interior corner if required.

Z Stone sky panel formats and dimensions.png

Sky Panel

The Sky Panel format allows every piece to be butted together to form an interior corner if required. It also has an in-built clip for added fixing security. NB - The Sky Panel must be used on heights above 3 metres of more.