Bangor Blue Slates

Bangor Blue Slates, Blue Bangor Slates In 2007, our wider family business acquired the Penrhyn slate quarry in North Wales – the source of Bangor Blue roofing slates. The quarry has been producing slates for over 600 years and remains to this day the largest slate quarry in the world. It currently employs over 200 people and exports its product globally.
Due to its geographical proximity to North Wales, Ireland has always been a popular destination for Blue Bangor slates. In addition to the home markets of Ireland and UK, Penrhyn slates are also currently shipped to North America, Australia, Europe (France, Belgium, Holland, Scandanavia, Germany), Russia and the former Soviet states.
In each of the markets into which it is supplied, Penrhyn Bangor Blue slates are universally accepted as the best, strongest and most durable roofing slate available. They come from slate deposits which were originally laid down in the Cambrian era, over 590 million years ago. Their quality is unrivalled in the marketplace, and they have a lifespan measured in centuries. Indeed, a 100 year old second hand reclaimed Bangor Blue slate will typically sell for one third of the price of a new slate. Allowing for inflationary increases over their lifetime, Bangor Blues truly are an investment for the future, and will over a number of years be worth many more times their original investment.
Bangor Blue slates are instantly recognisable by their unique and stunning heather blue/purple colour. No other slate comes close to replicating this colour.
The standard size of Bangor Blue Slates is 500 x 300mm (20” x 12’’). However, specialist sizes are available on request, and we have made 36” slates for some recent conservation projects. Bangor Blue slates are available in the following thicknesses:

  • Capital Grade (6mm Nominal Thickness)
  • County Grade (8mm Nominal Thickness)
  • Celtic Grade* (10mm Nominal Thickness)

*The Celtic Grade Slate’s thickness was designed for the Irish and Scottish markets, they desired a thicker and more rugged slate to withstand weather extremes and to complement local architecture.
Our Bangor Blue slates conform to BS 12326-1:2014 (W1, S1, T1) and the Penrhyn quarry is the only slate quarry in world to hold BS Kitemark accreditation. Backed by a 100 year quarry guarantee, Bangor Blue roof slates are typically expected to outlive the building they are placed upon (when fitted in accordance to BS 5534 / ICP 2).
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