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Government House Newfoundland (Images) – Re-roofing

LBS’s sister company Welsh Slate Ltd have recently supplied a consignment of 50×30 Bangor Blue Celtic slates for the re-slating and restoration of the beautiful historic Government House in St John’s, Newfoundland, Canada. With a population of around 200,000 people the town is reputed to be one of the earliest recorded English settlements and the building itself is entwined with the political history of the region. The building remains an important tourist destination, and is still official home to the Lieutenant Governor of the region.

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Government House Newfoundland – Bangor Blue Slates

History of Government House Newfoundland
The ‘Hotel du Governeur’ building was constructed between 1827 and 1831. It is a large Palladian style mansion overlooking the harbour in St John’s, Newfoundland. The two storey building is flanked to the East and West by lower wings, and has a surrounding ditch to allow light to the basement levels. The exterior walls are finished in a local red sandstone and Portland Stone.

The construction of the building followed the appointment of the regions first Civil Governor Sir Thomas Cochrane in 1825. Sir Thomas insisted on the replacement residence* as a condition of his appointment and he wasted no time in commissioning plans ahead of his departure. Sir Thomas personally selected a 20 acre site and oversaw the build – a build that spiralled out of control, costing a phenomenal £38,000 in comparison to the original £8,500 estimated budget. Officials in London were not pleased about these unauthorised bills and curbed Sir Thomas’s salary as a means of redress. The build itself required 28 stonemasons, 25 carpenters, and a slater who were all paid 4 shillings and 4 pence per day. The labour was hired and despatched from Scotland to Newfoundland in 1827 (after officials in London considered local Canadian labour to be too expensive to use).
*Government House replaced a series of previous Governor’s residences dating back to the 1700s.

Bangor Blue Welsh slate is renowned all over the world for its exceptional durability and quality. It has a unique ‘heather blue’ colour and the slate is guaranteed for a minimum of 100 years. The perfect choice for re-roofing a historic, heritage building. If you have a project in Ireland or further afield that you would like to use Bangor Blue slates on, please contact us to discuss.

Government House Canada

Bangor Blue Slates on Government House St John’s


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Government House


LBS are owners of the Penrhyn Bangor Blue quarry in Wales and are Ireland’s largest independent supplier of natural slate and clay roofing products. They have offices in Lisburn, Belfast, Dublin and Athy and have a friendly team of technical reps covering all 32 counties.

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